Welcome to ATLAS – Advanced Tourism Planning System

ATLAS seeks to create a step change in tourism services by advancing the state-of-the-art of the algorithms for fast geo‐aware social media tagging and annotation and geo‐aware multimedia information retrieval and recommendation. In particular, ATLAS aims at an innovative breakthrough in combining the just mentioned technologies for practical tourism services at a quality level that meets the expectations of the users. This goal will be achieved and assessed via three scientific and technical objectives:

  • To collect data and define usage context. It includes the analysis of the representative application scenarios defined above and the definition of the corresponding conditions for evaluating ATLAS services.
    Furthermore, the objective considers building content and metadata collections to provide a basis for algorithm development and application prototyping.
  • To develop robust geo-aware multimedia retrieval techniques. It will be achieved by a) developing efficient tagging techniques through user- rich media – metadata modeling, b) recommendation and retrieval based on multilinear subspace and sparse techniques and efficient sublinear indexing techniques. 
  • To put ATLAS technology to work. It includes creation of ATLAS software tools. It will build on social graphs linking rich media, users, and metadata and integrate the search intent and user satisfaction models into advanced retrieval mechanisms. Broad applicability and reliability of the ATLAS technology will be demonstrated through trials and demos related to the three scenarios and through participation in international competitions and evaluation benchmarks (e.g., ACM Multimedia Grand Challenges).